A helpline for children

Hello and welcome to the BUZZLINE! A 24 hour helpline for children by the Just Enough Group :-)

Talk to us on 03000 11 11 22 

What I learnt at school today feels like it is happening to me, should I be worried?
— Year 6 Pupil

Here for You!!!



Hi guys! If you have come to this website it might be because you have seen something in one of our workshops you want to talk to us about. That's great and we are here to listen and help, never to judge. If you want to talk to us you can call us on 03000 111122 or email us on talk@buzzline.org 

If you are in danger you must phone the Police on 999 - in an emergency, they are there to help!

You can also write to us through this form: 

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Why Might You Contact Us?

  • You might want to tell us about a friend you think is in trouble
  • You might be in a difficult situation with a gang and do not want to tell your parents 
  • You may have a friend who is possibly being radicalised and you want to help them 
  • You may know of someone in modern day slavery in your street 
  • You feel you need to carry a knife 


Still unsure about contacting us? That's OK. Why don't you fill out the questions below, and we will help you based on what you tell us.

Do you feel safe?
Does someone contact you online that you don't know?
Is it a person you know in your local area?
Are they a friend or family?
Are they a lot older than you?
Have they asked you to hide or carry something?
Do they carry a weapon?
Have they given you gifts or said they'll pay you?
Do you feel like you can talk to your parents about this?
Are you worried that someone might harm you?
Are you contacting us because of a workshop we did? *

We are here to help you guys and keep you safe! Anything you tell us will be between us, unless you or another person is at risk and needs our help. If you do need help then we will pass it onto the right people and be there for you. Remember your life is so important, and no one should ever take advantage of you.
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