Stage 1

Ok take your time, try and stay calm for me. Can you tell me exactly what's happening?


A .................... is going to hurt me and he is coming back in 5 minutes.


I'm going to get some help, and they are going to come and help you. But to do that i need to know where you are.


Who are you going to call?


I am calling the police, because it is an emergency.


Can you to give me your name and your location ( where you are ).


My name is ****** and i live at *********.


Stage 3 if they do NOT know their location.

Stage 2

I’m just going to talk to the special people right now. I’m still listening to you.




Keep talking to me. We have you now.


Go to stage 4

Stage 3

My name is ****** *******. I don't know where i am.


Do you know your street and/or your home number.


I don't know the street name or house number.


Tell me what is around you.


There is an underground sign that says covent garden and lots of people.


Did you see anything on the way to where you are now ?


Yes lot of buses.


Have you been here before?



Go to stage 4

Stage 4

Is it ok for you to be on the phone right now?


Yes i can talk to you.

No i can’t talk he’s coming. - Put the phone down, the police are coming.


I’m just going to keep talking to you ok. Can you give me anymore information?


Yes i can tell you. He has done etc.

I don’t want to talk about anything else, cause he’s going to be here soon. -  I’m going to put the phone down, the police are coming.  


Is it safe for you to stay on the phone? We have you, and the police are coming.


Safe - keep talking to me, the police are coming.

Not safe - put the phone down, the police are coming.

Stay with the child on the line as long as possible or until the police arrive.  Reassure the child that we have them and that the police are on their way as soon as possible.