Stage 1

Hi thanks for calling the buzz line!

My name is ****** what's yours?


My name is ***************.  ( if their name is George, make the code name a different one - Derick, Matt, Harriet.)


I want you to know that if we get cut off or if you put the phone down suddenly, i will phone back and i will ask if george is there. If you say yes we will continue our conversation. If you say no or if someone picks up who isn't you, i will end the phone call. Do you remember who i will ask for?  -




I want you to know that what is said between us today is confidential (it’s going to be a secret between us), unless you need help. How can we help you?


I saw one of your workshops and i’m worried about the situation. - stage 2

I have a problem and i want to talk about it. - stage 3

Stage 2

What workshop did you see?


I saw the workshop on knife crime.


What school do you go too?


St.matthews primary school.


What part of the workshop were you not sure about?


The amount of people with knives scares me.


Thats ok, thats what we are here for. Can you tell me more about what's wrong?


I was scared about what i saw on the news.

Stage 3

Have you seen one of our workshops?


Yes - stage 2

No - continue stage 3


That's ok! That's what we are here for. Can you tell me more?


Yes, this is worrying me and i’m scared.  - stage 4 continue

No,  i just had a question about something from the workshop. - stage 4 continue

No, i’m scared to tell people about it. - go to stage 5

Stage 4

Let's  have a chat about what's worrying you.

I’m worried about xyz - stage 4


Do you have any more questions?

No - stage 6

Yes - stage 5

Stage 5

We want to help you and make sure you are safe.


Is there somewhere safe you can go and talk to us?


No - You can email us, and we will reply that way. We can call you back and use the code name george to make sure its you then we can talk if you want.

Yes - go to that place and we can help you. - go to emergency if you are concerned.

Stage 6

We hope you had a good chat with us and we answered all your questions. Thank you for calling the BUZZLINE!